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The Vision of Justice & Hope (J&H) is to enable protection of human rights for the vulnerable, equip those responsible for upholding rights, and engage the community to bring change and be changed.




  • Interacting with the kids at the Government Protection Home is one of the best things that has happened in my life! Walking into the home, I felt an overwhelming sympathy as I saw the grimy conditions surrounding these children. My heart went out to these children whose eyes reflected an untold story of misery. I was drawn towards them and felt an increasing urge to make a difference in their lives. They needed love and attention and I was moved to whatever I could do for them. The responses were varied. Over a period of time, they slowly began breaking the walls they had built for themselves and started speaking of the past. They also spoke of how the future seemed so bleak and uncertain. Although most times, the stories they related were depressing and crushed one's spirits, I came to the realization that this was the stark reality. I felt more humane every time I walked out of the gates and this whole experience taught me to be more sensitive to those that are hurting.
    If my investment could make a difference in their lives, so could yours!
    - Anu
  • “I've interned with Justice and Hope for a year. Working with them has been an eye opener. They work with children and women who have been trafficked. J&H showed me that the rescuing trafficked women and children is not enough; counselling them, spending time with them, reminding them of their worth, showing them that they are loved, standing up for them and being their voice has had a major influence on my life. Talking about making a change and working towards making a change are very different. J&H is for the latter and this is the organization for anyone who wants to the reach out to the unreached.”
    - Aju Eva
  • Riya (name changed) is a very cheerful and energetic girl at the Home for Girls. She loves to dance and is excellent at art and crafts. She rushes to meet the staff of JnH whenever they come and says that spending even five minutes with them brings joy to her heart. Despite her current situation, she is a girl who has big dreams. She dreams of becoming a movie director.  She says that everyone discourages her saying that it is not possible and is a waste of time. However, she wants to prove them wrong. She also has dreams which are so different from the other girls at the home. While all the girls want to leave and never come back to the home, Riya wants to return some day and help the girls just as the staff of JnH are doing. She said that she knows what it feels to be abandoned and unloved and so wants to love others who feel the same. She dreams of adopting a lot of children and giving them individual attention and love. However, there are days when Riya loses all her hope. It has been 3 years since she attended school. She does not have money to support her education. There are times when she has tried to kill herself because she feels that her dreams would not be fulfilled and that she would be stuck at the home forever.
    The counsellor has to constantly remind her of her worth and bring back who she really is.There are many girls like Riya at the home who lose their hope and harm themselves. They need constant motivation just to live one more day. Thank you for your encouragement and support which helps us bring HOPE to them.
    - Sneha Priya Kurian, Project Manager/ Counselor

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