Betsy Raju
Betsy’s passion is marketing and innovative technology and has spent her career working for Fortune 500 firms in the US. At a personal level, she is a champion for change and believes in gender and racial equity and helping underprivileged women and children have an equal voice in society. She has been an advocate for Justice and Hope and also sits on the advisory board of other non-for-profits advocating for similar missions.
A close friend to Justice and Hope, Blesson has volunteered his varied creative skills in communication, design and music for many years now. Lucky enough to make his living off of his creativity, Blesson has designed newsletters, social media posts and other creative elements for the organization. A volunteer at the homes, he is quite the celebrity around the boys that we work with thanks to the time he spent giving drum lessons. We are blessed to be able to call upon the multitude of skills that Blesson possesses.
A physician by profession, Dr. Sam David is the Missions Analyst at CMC, Vellore. His decades of rural community medicine experience holds him in good stead working to develop rural community health infrastructure all around the country. Despite his busy schedule, Dr. Sam finds time to help Justice & Hope connect with medical aid whenever and wherever required. Having spent so much of his life traveling, he has famously never missed a train despite almost never being on time to catch them.
Geshom & Christine
Gershom and Christine are a husband and wife team who run their media company ‘Big G media’ together. They are passionate about changing lives through the positive use of media and the creative arts. They, along with their three children, say they are privileged and blessed to be a part of the Justice and Hope family.
Mike Isaac
Passionately creative, Mike is infectious in his championing for the vulnerable and marginalised. He channels his creativity through his day job as a movie director and producer. He spends all of his free time using his skills to further the cause of Justice. He advises Justice & Hope on media matters while helping put together a video project highlighting stories of those that have overcome abuse and trauma.